Our mission is to lead the state’s space industry development efforts and offer focused and responsive support to drive the growth of South Australia’s space sector.

Chosen in consultation with industry, three pillars for growth will be the strategic foundation of a thriving and enduring South Australian space sector.

  1. Contribute to a whole-of government national strategy for space
  2. Capitalise on the phenomenal opportunities presented by NewSpace
  3. Cultivate South Australia as a centre-of-gravity for Australia’s expanding space activities

Building on the state’s strong starting position in the NewSpace economy, the South Australian Government will continue contributing to the growth rate of the national space industry and aim to increase the nation’s share of the global space economy.

As a complement to a national space strategy seeking aspirational growth, South Australia’s priorities seek to maximise the opportunities presented by disruption and NewSpace.


Contribute to National Space Strategy
Launch into accessible lower Earth orbits GOAL: Enable industry to develop space qualified, or ‘flight heritage’ products.
Support positive norms for space actors GOAL: Support the establishment and enforcement of rules that enable industry growth through responsible access to space.
Moon to Mars – food production in space GOAL: South Australia leverages its expertise in food production for extreme environments to support international human spaceflight missions.
Capitalise on opportunities of NewSpace
Many, small, connected satellites GOAL: Support the development of many, small, connected satellites with disruptive approaches to design and technology.
Machine learning and AI to exploit space derived data GOAL: Boost the productivity of the South Australian economy through accurate, timely and easily accessible space-derived data.
Cultivate a centre-of-gravity for space activities
An expanding workforce GOAL: Develop a comprehensive space education program that leads to a sizeable interdisciplinary space workforce with depth that supports healthy exchange of professionals between industry and/or academia.
An innovation ecosystem GOAL: A steady pipeline of start-up and scale-up space related companies with strong investment potential in South Australia.
Supportive infrastructure GOAL: The South Australian space sector has access to the infrastructure needed to promote the space industry, demonstrate investment potential, and unlock business opportunities.
Globally competitive GOAL: A globally competitive South Australian space industry exporting their products
and services directly and through international partnerships.
Attractive to investors GOAL: Significantly increase the level of external investment in the South Australian
space sector.

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