In 2022, the South Australian Government, in partnership with the SmartSat CRC and local companies Inovor Technologies and Myriota, will send a locally manufactured small satellite to low Earth orbit— the first State Government to ever embark on such a mission.

The information gathered by the satellite will help improve state services like emergency services, the environment, water quality monitoring, mining and bushfire mitigation.

Boosting South Australia’s space economy, the $6.5 million SASAT1 Space Services Mission will strengthen the competitiveness of South Australian businesses in the small-satellite supply chain and pave the way for external investment and future growth in Australia and abroad.

To inspire young South Australians about future opportunities in space and demonstrate its impact on everyday life, all South Australian school students have the chance to name the satellite and become a part of South Australian history.

The competition closes on 2 July 2021 with all schools able to submit one name into the draw for judging by South Australian space industry dignitaries and key stakeholders.

For further information on the SASAT1 Space Services Mission and the school competition visit