South Australia is establishing a space manufacturing facility that will provide space companies with open access to manufacturing facilities essential to the sector’s future growth.

The South Australian Government is investing $20 million towards space manufacturing capability, with plans underway to establish a space manufacturing facility which aims to accelerate the development of local space innovation into real world commercial technologies.

The project will provide industry with access to world-class equipment capable of small satellite and component manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test activities.

Building on the state’s success in NewSpace activity, this project will support South Australia’s growing hub of space manufacturers to expand commercially, access global supply chain opportunities and drive collaboration between manufacturers, innovators and the wider critical technologies sector.

The South Australian Government has commenced work to establish the new, local space manufacturing facility in consultation with industry, academia, and other stakeholders.

This work will continue over the next 12 months, to ensure the facilities are best suited to meet industry’s market needs and future growth plans.