Lot Fourteen is Australia’s first creation and innovation neighbourhood.

Located in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, the seven-hectare hub brings together the best start-ups, corporations, mentors, researchers and investors in defence, space, artificial intelligence cyber security and creative industries.

It is home to the Australian Space Agency, Mission Control Centre, Australian Space Discovery Centre and SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre; the biggest space industry research and development collaboration in Australia’s history.

Australian Space Agency

The Australian Government established the Australian Space Agency on 1 July 2018, following a $300 million investment in Australian civil space as part of the 2018-19 Budget.

The Australian Space Agency is responsible for the whole-of-government coordination of civil space matters. The Agency will transform and grow a globally respected space industry that can inspire all Australians through seven National Civil Space Priorities – position, navigation and timing; earth observation; communication technologies services, leapfrog R&D, space situational awareness, robotics and automation, and access to space.

Through the Agency, Australia aims to significantly grow its market segment from 10,000 jobs and a market size of $3.9 billion to up to another 20,000 jobs and $12 billion by 2030.

Mission Control centre

The Mission Control Centre, is co-located with the Australian Space Agency at Lot Fourteen, it is a focal point for space missions in Australia.

The Centre, developed and operated by Australian company Saber Astronautics, provides the facilities for space start-ups, companies and researchers to control small satellite missions, enabling real-time control and testing and the accelerated development of Australian satellite technology. The Centre also supports Australia’s emerging space start-up industry and will accelerate growth in the nation’s space sector.

AUSTRALIAN Space Discovery Centre

The Space Discovery Centre was launched on 31 March 2021 providing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education, engagement and inspiration for young Australians.

The Centre is the National Science and Technology Centre, Questacon‘s first permanent exhibition outside Canberra offering visitors a chance to learn about mission control functions, as well as host activities such as mission simulation and training for tertiary education.

Further information on the Centre including visitor information can be found here.

Australian Institute of Machine Learning

Established in early 2018, the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML) is the first Australian institute dedicated to research in machine learning.

Machine learning underpins the business models of the largest corporations and has the potential to deliver massive, social, economic and environmental benefits. AIML’s world-class research strengths lie in machine learning and the methods that support this; artificial intelligence, computer vision and deep learning.

SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)

SmartSat CRC—the most significant national space research collaboration in Australia—has found its home at Lot Fourteen. For the first time in Australia’s history, the CRC fosters a nationally coordinated ecosystem of space research industry collaboration.

Bringing together industry, government and academia to collaborate on research and development, SmartSat CRC focuses on initiatives in niche areas of intelligent satellite systems, advanced communications and analytics.

With a budget of $245 million over the next seven years, SmartSat CRC will play a key role in enabling the Australian Government to realise its objective of tripling the size of Australia’s domestic space industry to $12 billion by 2030.

Close to South Australia’s key universities

Based in the CBD, Lot Fourteen is a stone’s throw from two of South Australia’s key universities, University of Adelaide and Uni SA.

Lot Fourteen neighbourhood directory

Lot Fourteen’s state-of-the-art facilities are home to innovators, pioneers, ground-breakers and thought leaders in a host of emerging and fast-evolving industries, including representation from significant local, national and international space organisations.

The Lot Fourteen neighbourhood directory lists the precinct’s current and future tenants.

Defence and Space Landing Pad

Established by the South Australian Government in September 2018, the Defence and Space Landing Pad provides relocating companies with affordable, short-term office facilities and relationship building opportunities.