Organisation Overview

Shoal is a leading systems engineering services firm that works across the aerospace, military, transport, and intelligent infrastructure domains.

Based out of Adelaide, with a distributed team across Australia and North America, work is undertaken in multi-disciplinary teams to achieve quality results for clients.

Space system engineering is a significant part of Shoal’s heritage. The team has extensive experience in space system design and development, requirements elicitation, technology trade studies and research projects.

Shoal is also an active participant in the space community, and delivers numerous space system training courses and continues to provide expert guidance and engineering support for a wide range of clients in Australia abroad.

Expertise and Capabilities

Expertise in the development and design of large-scale, complex capabilities. Shoal is a recognised leader in capability definition and system conceptual design, and has presented on these topics at numerous international conferences.

Alongside their design work, Shoal has an active flight safety analysis program, which leverages high-fidelity analytical techniques to model the behaviour of launch and re-entry vehicles, aerospace test vehicles and guided weapons for clients. This capability has been applied to the Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft return, the HIFiRE hypersonics research program and numerous other aerospace vehicles.

Unique Selling Points

Shoal is a small, smart and agile company, which has grown from a strong heritage in developing space systems and providing space-supporting services within Australia.

The team at Shoal are comprised of leading specialists in big, complex, socio-technical systems, many of whom have come from strong research and development backgrounds.

This means that Shoal has established a reputation as problem solvers on a large scale, with a long history of helping their clients to clearly define complex problems before designing innovative solutions that can be trusted.