Organisation Overview

Elementrex works with customers and technology capability partners to deliver data-driven solutions for specific environmental outcomes.

By acting as a business integrator, we take the time to understand customer requirements in order to design the best solution. Elementrex aggregates data from a variety of sources, including satellite data and ground-based sensors. This data may then be further analysed and processed to suit client needs.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Water resource management
  • Fire risk mitigation and management
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Mining

Expertise and Capabilities

Elementrex, in conjunction with our diversified group of strategic partners, delivers complex solutions, which include:

  • Cloud-based data aggregation and analytics
  • Satellite observation data and processing
  • Sensor data
  • Data fusion
  • Communications services
  • IoT integration

Unique Selling Points

Elementrex focuses on innovation. Through bringing together technology specialists across a range of areas, Elementrex is able to provide customised solutions that truly meet the complex requirements of our customers. Our SaaS approach enables us to keep costs down while delivering high quality, client-based solutions.

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