To assist in developing appropriate strategies for cultivating the space ecosystem, the South Australian Government (through the SASIC) and the Bocconi University (Milan, Italy) jointly sponsor an internship program.

This program involves a selected student from the Bocconi University participating in a three-month placement in South Australia. During the placement the student is required to research and analyse the international and local space sectors from a socioeconomic and political perspective, in particular as they relate to enriching the South Australian space economy.

To date seven reports have been produced under this program.

Prepared by: Gianluca Strada, Universita’ Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

This report focuses on the downstream segment of the space economy, for example the exploitation of space technology as opposed to the provision of space technology.

The downstream segment represents the main driver for the future growth of the space economy, for which a significant expansion is expected in the years to come thanks to a new paradigm know as Space 2.0. The new space era sees constellations of smaller and lighter satellites, characterized by quicker and cheaper production, and improvements in accuracy and resolution of space-derived data, making space accessible to an increasingly larger number of users and opening the way to a plethora of commercial applications that were not economically viable or even possible before.

Nonetheless, there is still a lack of understanding of the benefits of these applications from potential users. Filling this gap represents a great opportunity for the Australian space economy and for South Australian businesses to increase their productivity in the future. The report also includes the analysis of a sample of the main South Australian private companies currently active in the downstream segment.

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