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Number of employees:

17 (at 23 April 2020)


Unit 2, 8/70 Pirie St
Adelaide SA 5000

Southern Launch was founded in South Australia in 2017 after founder Lloyd Damp identified that there were no suitable multi-user launch sites anywhere in the world capable of satisfying the rapidly growing smallsat sector looking for polar and sun-synchronous launches.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially, with a single goal of establishing facilities for launching small satellites from Whalers Way in the Eyre Peninsula and the Koonibba Test Range in outback South Australia.

The company has received strong support from the South Australian Government and from the growing ecosystem of companies that make up the local space industry in their endeavour to build launch facilities within the state. In 2018, Premier Steven Marshall appointed a taskforce to guide the proposed development of the Whalers Way facility. Since then, Southern Launch has received approval for the construction of infrastructure to support a test launch campaign in 2022 and 2023. Southern Launch, in collaboration with fellow local space company DEWC Systems, were also successful in launching Australia’s first private sub-orbital rocket to the edge of space in 2020.

The company recently signed a Collaboration Agreement with the German Space Agency for future projects and collaboration opportunities which include launching their ReFEx (reusable flight experiment) vehicle from the Koonibba Test Range in 2023.

With a viable launch facility providing flexible, high cadence and safe access to space in South Australia, the space eco-system will continue to grow. Space inspires and so this eco-system will not only benefit the economy but will influence learning and career choices in our young people as they see an exciting future in this emerging industry.

Peter Williams, Sales Director, Southern Launch