Organisation Overview

Southern Launch is bringing polar Earth orbit space launch capabilities to Australia.

We have two complementary thrusts, one dedicated to the design, construction and operation of a dedicated polar Earth orbit launch capability, and the other to research and implement new and novel space launch vehicle guidance and control algorithms on flight hardware for customers.

Expertise and Capabilities

At Southern Launch we are constantly challenging the status quo to find the most efficient and robust ways of getting your rockets and payloads to orbit.

Core to our skillset is our knowledge of space launch systems and their launch needs, as well as experience in the design and implementation of optimised ascent trajectories and vehicle control algorithms in software and hardware.

Our dedicated polar Earth orbit launch facility is aimed at providing our clients with rapid response access to space.

Unique Selling Points

Southern Launch is a young, agile company embracing futuristic technologies to simplify space launch and subsequently drive down launch costs.


  • Component and Subsystem Management
  • Launch Services
  • Launch Support Services
  • R&D

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