Organisation Overview

The South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC) supports the growth of the South Australian space sector and space industries.

Through the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (South Australia): Action Plan 2016-2020, we are committed to partnering with national and international stakeholders in industry and academia to build on the state’s strong space foundations.

SASIC targets investment and expansion opportunities, drives and supports the delivery of major projects and facilities, and pursues the location of additional space assets in the state. SASIC plays a key role in supporting the Australian Government’s strategic policy, particularly by increasing local industry participation and ensuring that state-of-the-art infrastructure and a highly skilled, industry-ready workforce is in place to underpin space projects.

Expertise and Capabilities

SASIC plays a key support role for the South Australian Government through:

  • Effective advocacy
  • Investing in strategic infrastructure, education, training, and research and development
  • Fostering a competitive business environment
  • SASIC created the South Australian Space Council, made up of Australia’s top space industry experts. It provides high-level strategic and policy advice and promotes growth through extensive networks in space.

Unique Selling Points

The South Australian Government is committed to growing the state’s space industry.

SASIC provides a single point of contact for all space stakeholders, streamlining their interaction across the South Australian Government.

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