Organisation Overview

ResearchSat develops satellite platforms for Space Biology & Chemistry Research, which are viable, affordable and easily accessible for researchers (such as University researchers or independent researchers).

We offer customised and controlled test environment for microbiological and chemical experiments which are viable and affordable for researchers to understand the behavioural changes of microorganisms in space, to predict mutations and to develop new drugs and medications.

ResearchSat also licences the by product technologies for ground based research of clients in Australia and abroad.

Expertise and Capabilities

Specialised in developing microhabitats for microbes and chemicals. Expertise in developing satellite platforms for Chemical & Microgravity research in low earth orbit and in outerspace.

ResearchSat provides Autonomous Experiment Box, which is designed to perform scientific research in Microgravity.

Unique Selling Points

  • Microgravity viable research platforms.
  • Affordable value for research in Pharma Industry for drug development.
  • Benefits Research.

Raviteja Duggineni
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Jibin Jeffrey Dhanaraj
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