Organisation Overview

Neumann Space is a South Australian company developing an efficient and scalable in-space electric propulsion system for satellites.

The Neumann Space thruster marks a revolution in the field of satellite propulsion.

Our lightweight products use our patented Centre-Triggered Pulsed Cathodic Arc Thruster (CT-PCAT) technology to convert solid conductive propellants into plasma and produce thrust. Our product range creates value for our customers in all space operations and travel.

For example, our thruster can fulfil all requirements for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mission profiles such as extending mission lifetimes, station keeping, orbit raising, constellation phasing, inclination changes, de-orbiting and more. Neumann Space is the only Australian company able to provide a sovereign in-space electric propulsion system capability.

With Neumann Space, Australia will be poised to take advantage of the rapidly growing global CubeSat market.

Expertise and Capabilities

Our product is a lightweight solar-electric ion thruster using our patented technology. The system can use a range of conductive fuels giving a level of control over propulsion performance like never seen before. It offers the ability to generate high specific impulse levels.

Unique Selling Points

The Neumann Space propulsion system offers unique capabilities to customers.

Our product is efficient, scalable, can be mass produced or customized to meet our client requirements.

Very importantly, due to the nature of the fuel and the simplicity of the system, our thrusters are safe to store, move and operate making them a solution of choice for satellite integrators and constellation providers/operators.