Organisation Overview

Mirage Photonics is at the forefront of fibre-based mid-infrared laser development.

Founded by the inventor of the dual-wavelength pumping technique, Mirage Photonics designs, develops and manufactures compact, tunable mid-infrared lasers for research, environmental and industry applications.

Expertise and Capabilities

Mirage Photonics is backed by over a decade of experience in optical and laser design and development, both in the near- and mid-infrared spectral regions.

The team at Mirage Photonics has a strong research background as well as deep connections with both local and international universities and industries working in the mid-infrared spectrum.

With our extensive knowledge and the versatility of our laser design, we are able to custom-build lasers to suit the requirements, including tailored specifications and custom integration into existing set-ups.

Unique Selling Points

Mirage Photonics is the only commercial entity to produce lasers using the patented dual-wavelength pumping technique, offering high laser power in the mid-infrared at much lower complexity and cost.

Our technology has opened up the mid-infrared spectrum to a rapidly growing range of applications, including mid-infrared spectroscopy, remote greenhouse and atmospheric sensing, polymer processing, LIDAR and laser communication.