Organisation Overview

Inovor Technologies is a world-leading supplier of next generation small satellite technology.

Our unique low-cost, disaggregated technology has the flexibility to host an extensive range of technical applications including communications, remote sensing, imaging and scientific payloads.

With our in-house developed technology, we provide turnkey solutions for commercial, government and research clients wanting missions flown in space. In addition to providing space as a service for customers, we also have two missions of our own: Hyperion is a space-based object detection and tracking mission; Skyris is a remote sensing mission.

Inovor also provides specialist services to Defence in the Electronic Warfare and Space Situational Awareness areas. We are positioned at the centre of Australia’s growing space hub, and are owned and operated in Adelaide, South Australia. Uniquely, all hardware is manufactured in Australia.

Expertise and Capabilities

Inovor provides space-as-a-service using our Apogee Bus family of satellites. They range from about 6kg to 40kg, and include our novel distributed architecture power system, a fine pointing attitude control system, a telemetry, telecommand and control communications link and a main mission computer, all integrated into an easy to assemble main structure. Inovor is also designing its larger Australis Bus family of small satellites, ranging from about 50 to 250kg.

Our Hyperion mission will not only enhance Australia’s Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capability, but will contribute to the global SSA effort. The Hyperion mission will provide the world first, unique capability of persistent tracking of objects in GEO or MEO orbits. The cutting-edge object detection and tracking algorithms have been developed via our partnership with the Australian Institute for Machine Learning. Similar on-orbit processing algorithms are used on our Skyris mission to offer an enhanced Earth Observation service.

Unique Selling Points

Inovor Technologies is a small agile company with a capable team of specialists as well as considerable experience commercialising technology and building international collaborative teams. It has both a deep research and development culture and expertise in systems engineering, which enables it to engineer quality assured products that meet user/customer needs.

Inovor is geographically close to the booming Asia-Pacific region and has a less restrictive export control regime, allowing free access to this growing market. Inovor has developed significant intellectual property related to satellite platform and SSA mission technology.

We have a robust Engineering Management System to support the delivery of reliable, world class satellites – and we do it all from Australia.

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