Organisation Overview

Learning Improvement Division provides support for teaching and learning to 850 departmental schools and preschools, to develop students as forward thinkers, innovators, leaders and shapers of an adaptable knowledge-based economy and society.

A STEM Learning Strategy (2017-2020) has been developed to underpin STEM learning from preschool to year 12, and develop cutting edge teaching and learning across our schools.

One of our goals is to develop dynamic partnerships between industry and schools, to ensure learning is relevant, builds greater career awareness and meets industry needs. Students experience inter-disciplinary STEM learning, applying their skills in new ways using collaboration, problem-solving and critical/creative thinking.

Expertise and Capabilities

Learning Improvement has a network of 150 staff supporting STEM learning capacity through professional learning, direct site support in multi-disciplinary teams, educational research and strategic planning.

139 South Australian schools have received up to $3.5 million each on infrastructure upgrades to support STEM learning. We have specialised staff to assist in linking schools with industry to develop partnerships and support curriculum which is connected to a local/global industry context.

Using an individualised approach, this provides benefits to students including STEM learning and industry exposure, and to industry by providing R&D, workforce and professional development and access to our state-wide networks.

Unique Selling Points

The STEM Learning Strategy includes co-designing career development approaches with DECD, industry and tertiary institutions to increase student awareness of STEM pathways, and an annual STEM Leaders’ Symposium to share best practice.

Several high-performing STEM schools are also providing statewide STEM professional learning.

The federally-funded Advanced Technology Project supports 24 schools, developing STEM learning with links to advanced manufacturing, maritime, defence and space technology. Learning Improvement contributes funding towards external organisations to support systemic STEM learning. This includes NAMIG/ STEMNation/Concept2Creation programs, Royal Institute of Australia’s ‘Australia’s Science Channel’ and related programs, and the Beacon Foundation.