Organisation Overview

C4 Space is a specialised support service provider for the Australian space industry, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Our mission is to support the development, success, and sovereignty of the Australian space sector. Our services aim to fast-track project development; build quality, trusted networks; develop the local workforce; and inspire and guide the next generation in space.

Expertise and Capabilities

We help space companies and organisations achieve their aims by providing experienced space contractors, technical consultancy, auxiliary project support, and industry training.

Experienced Space Contractors – We have access to a large database of national and international space specialists covering a wide range of critical skillsets. We can identify, screen, assess, and vet the right people to augment and enhance a company’s team at crucial times in their project’s lifecycle.

Consultancy – We can deliver our expert inhouse consultants to solve unexpected or difficult challenges faced by companies within the Australian space sector.

Project Support – We are continually developing auxiliary support services that give space companies an extra edge in their main operations.
Industry Training – And we provide space industry training programs on vital technical and professional topics to keep staff up-to-date and competitively focused within the global sector.

Unique Selling Points

Because time, resources, and expertise are critical determinants of industry success, C4 Space is here to help South Australian companies enhance their operations within this matrix through our range of space-specialised support services.

We help Australian space companies achieve their aims.

We are fully Australian owned and operated.


Member of Space Industry Association of Australia
Member of Space Association of Australia


  • Consultancy Services
  • Launch Support Services
  • System Engineering and Technical Support Services
  • Technical Support Services

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