Round 05 of Deloitte’s global space innovation program GRAVITY Challenge has, for the first time in its history, seen all participating Challenge Providers select a champion.

Addressing real-world business problems, nine teams worked to use space technology and capability to solve challenges such as identifying and monitoring spacecraft to prevent in-orbit crashes, helping improve vineyard quality, monitoring the world’s wetlands, optimising electric vehicle charging infrastructure and more.

As part of this round, two South Australian-based organisations were selected as Challenge Providers.

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) asked innovators to find a way for satellite technology and data to integrate with their existing moisture monitoring and irrigation capabilities with the aim to improve vineyard quality and yield requirements.

TWE’s Challenge Champions, Terraview from Spain, created a remote sensing and AI model that delivers a soil moisture map with an accuracy of +/- 1.5%.

Meanwhile, space company, Saber Astronautics, asked for an innovative approach to partially automate the identification, characterisation and monitoring of spacecraft for intelligent in-orbit operations.

Saber Astronautics worked with UK’s Helyx to develop a prototype that will be trialled at an upcoming spring advanced concept training event.

All Challenge Champions will now have the opportunity to work with the Providers to develop commercial pilots of their proposed solutions.

The South Australian Space Industry Centre are proud to be a founding sponsor of the GRAVITY Challenge.

View the full list of Round 05 Challenge Champions

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Image: Sabre Astronautics’ Mission Control Centre at Lot Fourteen