An undergraduate Materials Engineer has been the successful recipient of a scholarship from the South Australian Space Industry Centre following standout participation in the Astra Program.

Allegra de Gleria Clark – a member of the program’s Team Casuarina – was awarded a scholarship to attend the 14th Australian Space Forum in October 2022.

SASIC’s Associate Director – Space, Dr Catherine Grace, said all the candidates were exceptional but it was Allegra’s understanding of the Civil and Defence Space ecosystems that made her a standout.

“Allegra was able to demonstrate an overarching perspective of the global space industry and how Australia can contribute to a sustainable space economy,” said Dr Grace.

“She was able to link her understanding of the Civil and Defence Space ecosystems, and use her technical understanding of material engineering knowledge to address the potential future challenges facing access to space and orbits.

“The Andy Thomas Space Foundation’s Space Forum will be the perfect opportunity for Allegra to extend the engagement she instigated during the program and further her goals to pursue a PhD in the field of space materials.”

Now on the cusp of its third year, the Astra Program is an initiative run by the Australian Youth Aerospace Association that provides Australian students and young professionals an opportunity to learn about important issues in the space industry such as security and environmental impacts.

Allegra’s team were one of the three engaging with the program and investigated the question ‘What does space security and domain awareness look like for Australia?’.

Over four months, the teams participate in numerous workshops, connecting them to leading industry members and companies.

Following this, each group is required to write a white paper of recommendations to present to the program’s industry supporters.

SASIC are a proud sponsor of the Astra Program, which provides an avenue for young people to grow their knowledge, skills and experience in the industry.

“Providing an environment conducive to growth is crucial in helping nurture talent for the state’s space ecosystem,” said Dr Grace.

“Together students and industry are able to consider issues facing industry today and explore the answers to tomorrow.”

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