Organisation Overview

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is Australia’s university of enterprise and is an innovative, globally-focused, locally engaged institution.

UniSA is committed to providing an outstanding learning experience and offers degree programs across a wide range of subjects.

Research at UniSA is inspired by challenges and opportunities, partnered with end-users and communities, and underpinned by excellence with 97% of its research rated at or above world class standard. The University’s flexible and responsive approach to engagement and collaboration has resulted in effective partnerships with research end users from industry, government and the community.

Expertise and Capabilities

UniSA’s Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR) has more than 25 years expertise in satellite communications applied to telecommunication services, earth observation, remote sensing and defence. ITR developed and operates ground station equipment and communication payloads on-board satellites.

Key expertise includes: telecommunications, geospatial science, remote sensing, imaging and positioning, as well as planetary and space science. Teaching and research laboratories operate for each of these areas, including multi-band satellite ground station facilities.

UniSA translates planetary and space science, with a focus on the observation and investigation of terrestrial planets in the solar system.

UniSA’s Future Industries Institute (FII) and Defence and Systems Institute (DASI) along with the Schools of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences are a source of key enabling expertise and infrastructure.

In addition, UniSA’s sleep and fatigue researchers are using state-of-the-art time isolation, live-in research facilities to study the fatiguing and stressful psychosocial confines of space.

Unique Selling Points

Technology developed at ITR enhances global communications and earth observation systems. ITR’s research led to three spin-off companies – two of them in the field of satellite communications – and ITR’s facilities provide services for earth observation, launch tracking of spacecraft and communication with CubeSats.

FII’s mission is to transform the industries of today and seed the industries of tomorrow.

The Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program is jointly organised by the International Space University and UniSA. It’s a unique, five week live-in experience that attracts students from around the world to work on challenging interdisciplinary space projects.

UniSA has the only Mars capable laboratory in Australia, with links to NASA and European Space Agency Mars mission scientific teams.

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