Organisation Overview

TCM provide full or part procurement of electronic components, in kit form and ready for in-house assembly by the OEM or an O/S contractor.

TCM can assist your design team by locating difficult to source components and reviewing new product bills of material for suitability to the market.

TCM can design unique scheduling systems to meet the supply needs of the clients marketplace.

TCM also offers services including Conformal coating, Component end of life management, Prototypes, assembly and testing.

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Single and Double sided SMT
  • Max PCB size 410mm x 360mm
  • Min pitch 0.2mm
  • Max component height 20.0mm
  • Glue dot printing/placement
  • Utilise both Lead/ Lead-Free Vapor phase reflow ovens. Vapor phase systems provide the most superior soldering finish and eliminate any risk of damage to both PCB and component at the selected temperatures.
  • Vision screen printing
  • Vision placement of latest technology packages – BGA, QFN, DFN.

Unique Selling Points

Clients come to TCM Electronics for assistance with all their high tech, high end electronic assembly requirements.