Organisation Overview

Founded in 1999, Swordfish is an Adelaide based software development SME that specialises in delivering quality solutions in support of R&D projects within, principally but not limited to the Defence and Space sectors.

Swordfish prides itself on its flexibility to support R&D projects of differing complexity and size. We believe that project success not only includes providing the right people, but also their proactive communication with clients is crucial to ensure proper understanding of the problem space and solutions we develop.

Expertise and Capabilities

Swordfish principally supplies Software Engineering and Mathematical Modelling services, with expertise in:

  • Agile software development
  • Micro Services architectures
  • Complex and high performance simulation architectures
  • Aerospace systems
  • Weapons systems
  • Launch vehicle propulsion systems
  • Electron Warfare
  • Adaptive and robust C2 architectures.
  • System and subsystem performance analysis
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Unique Selling Points

We’re born and raise in Australia’s Defence Research and Development environment.

We understand Defence, Science and Technology.

We offer more than a transactional service.

We care about the intent of the client as well as the letter of the contract.

We thrive in diverse teams of researchers, engineers and technicians.

We collaborate openly and constructively with all stakeholders.

We share our discoveries, believing a rising tide lift all boats.

We curate or team offerings according to the skills required.

Staff development and wellbeing is at the centre of out corporate culture.


Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)


  • Board Level Components & Embedded Solutions
  • Other
  • R&D
  • Radar
  • Space-related Research and Development
  • Telemetry & Command Operations

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