Organisation Overview

Small World Communications specialises in the design of error control encoders and decoders used in digital communications.

Error control codes are used to correct errors caused by noise, interference and signal distortion. Its products consist of software cores that are used in field programmable logic arrays (FPGA) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). Many of its products are designed for and used in satellite and deep space communication systems.

These include encoders and decoders that are compatible with the Consultive Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), GEO-Mobile Radio (GMR), Inmarsat and Intelsat standards as well as custom coding solutions.

Expertise and Capabilities

Design of error control encoders and decoders and research in error control codes. Expertise in convolutional, trellis, turbo and low density parity check (LDPC) codes.

Unique Selling Points

Small World Communications has a large range of Viterbi, trellis, turbo and LDPC decoders and associated encoders. The company is able to provide cores for both FPGAs and ASICs as well as custom coding solutions.

It is also able to design encoders and decoders with high performance and encoding and decoding speeds over one billion bits per second.

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