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Silentium Defence is a global leader in design and deployment of passive radar systems for tactical and strategic surveillance scenarios.

A disruptive technology, designed and developed in Australia, Silentium’s MAVERICK passive radars enable customers to ‘see without being seen’ and provide an undeniable advantage across any domain - sea, air, land, and space.

Fast, safe and cost effective to deploy, Silentium passive radars are covert in operation, easily adapt to mission requirements and enable 100% custody of the sky from ground to low-earth-orbit.


Expertise and Capabilities

Passive radar uses pre-existing sources of radio frequency (RF) energy (such as broadcast TV), to track objects in an environment. It provides similar information to traditional radar systems but does not emit any RF signals.

This means customers can maintain their situational awareness without advertising their presence.

In increasingly congested and contested operating environments, the ability to see without being seen is an undeniable advantage. Silentium’s unique solutions, powered by passive radar, provide that advantage.

MAVERICK S-series passive radar for Space Domain Awareness and Space Traffic Management

  • Widest field of view radar sensor for accurate, persistent detection and tracking of objects in low-earth-orbit
  • Scalable architecture – fixed and deployable systems (Space Observatory in a Box)
  • Single pass orbit determination on new and known RSOs in LEO
  • Low-power requirements, off-grid, and remote operation
  • No spectrum licence to operate
  • Multi-domain application (surface, air, and space)
  • Significant cost reduction and increased reliability compared with existing systems.


  • Fast, reliable, cost-effective space data for more informed decision making
  • Thousands of observations on unique RSOs (including closely spaced objects)
  • Altitude detections >1,000km
  • Sustained object custody across a wide arc of space
  • High number of captures per minute
  • Critical quality metrics, metadata, and operational status
  • On-site or remote custom packages

Silentium Defence Oculus Observatory

  • World-first, wide-field-of-view observatory using passive radar for surveillance and tracking of objects in low-earth-orbit
  • Unique, Southern Hemisphere location on the fringe of the Mid-Murray Dark Sky Reserve – able to host other complimentary sensor systems, including optical sensors for surveillance of space
  • MAVERICK S-series passive radar (fixed deployment) provides the most cost-effective detection and tracking of objects in low-earth-orbit anywhere in the world

Unique Selling Points

A nearly 60-strong team with decades of subject matter expertise and global ambitions, Silentium is the only company in the world delivering passive surveillance solutions for air, sea, land, and space.

  • Quick, safe and more cost effective to deploy, even in densely populated areas
  • Modular and scalable systems, ranging from lightweight, portable passive radars to unique wide-field-of-view fixed and deployable systems for surveillance of space
  • SDA/STM capability, once fully operational, can be operated as a 24/7 or on demand/targeted capability
  • Significant cost, power, and coverage (field of view) advantages over conventional space surveillance systems
  • Powerful Southern Hemisphere detection and tracking capability for more informed space domain awareness and space traffic management


  • Launch Support Services
  • R&D
  • Telemetry & Command Operations
  • Tracking

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