Organisation Overview

QPE Advanced Machining is a partner of Stärke-AMG.

Located in Gillman, QPE employs over 40 professionals covering a range of skill sets and strong defence project experience. We specialise in complex machined components, fabrications and coatings, and deliver full product and system assemblies.

We have 25 years of experience and an enviable reputation of solid partnering with Defence Primes and teaming arrangements with other suppliers who add value to our skills.

With state-of-the-art precision manufacturing equipment and software, and staffed by experienced tradespeople and engineers, QPE has been able to deliver on customer expectations, time after time.

Our pedigree has matured upon the basics of dependability, innovation, and consistent effectiveness. We have achieved this while committed to the most demanding timeframes. The risk our customers face needs to be understood and managed. QPE's commitment to customer milestones reduces their risk and sets the industry standard.


Expertise and Capabilities

QPE specialises in precision machined and fabricated parts and assemblies for customer industries including space, aerospace, defence, medical, electronics, mining, and renewable energy.

QPE provides AS9100D quality assured production incorporating processes for CNC machining, fabrication, welding, metal 3D printing, assembly, inspection, validation, and traceability.

We specialise in exotic metals suited to space applications including Titanium and Nickel alloys, Molybdenum and much more.

We also have DISP accreditation.

Unique Selling Points

Our metal 3D printing uses EBM (Electron Beam Melting) technology from GE.

GE’s Arcam EBM machines create dimensionally accurate parts quickly and efficiently by utilising a high-power electron beam for high melting capacity and productivity. The EBM process takes place in vacuum and at high temperature, resulting in stress-relieved components with material properties better than cast and comparable to wrought material.

Electron Beam Melting has a significant cost advantage compared to other methods.

This technology is already proven and has been used for space and aerospace applications for many years.

There are components printed by this brand of EBM printers that are already on satellites in space right now.

Our R&D team partner, The University of Adelaide School of Mechanical Engineering, are engaged to develop IP across a range of materials, controls and processes for rapid 3D printing of metals for space structures.


ISO 9001
AS 9100D

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