Organisation Overview

An Adelaide based company jointly held by Australian interests with Italian investment and technical foundations provided by Ariespace, a spinoff company of University of Naples Federico II.

Using satellite based information and regional meteorological data, the company has been established to deliver user-friendly and cost-effective analysis of crop development or landscape condition on a regular in-season basis and which will:

  • guide irrigation delivery and management of other inputs and sensors
  • highlight variation between and across blocks/fields to direct scouting for
    • pest and disease issues
    • maturity assessment
    • weed or other stress
  • support landscape and natural resource management.

Expertise and Capabilities

Irriscan innovative technologies and competitive advantages are based on the conjunction of competencies developed in different contexts and unified in a young, dynamic and multi-disciplinary working team.

  • Earth observation techniques
  • High resolution map classification, multi-date, multi-resolution image segmentation approach to estimate land-cover classification maps
  • Detecting forest extension and degradation, modelling forest biomass and its change
  • Spatial processes analysis and land monitoring
  • Crop water balance and crop development based on remote sensing data
  • Designing and developing web based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and decision support systems varying in size, complexity, and computing environment
  • Ground based measurements, validation and calibration.

Unique Selling Points

  • Rapid turn around
  • Relatively low costs compared with alternative technologies
  • ‘Dashboard’ presentation for grower clients; linkage with in-field practice
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interface for water providers and Natural Resource Management clients.