Organisation Overview

ESpy Ocean provides intelligence for anti-poaching and illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and transport vessel compliance operations.

ESpy has a patented system for detecting surface vessels using hyperspectral and multispectral satellite imagery.

The services include:

  • Detection of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) vessels in a specific area
  • Detection and prediction models for pelagic fish and cetaceans
  • Analysis for the purpose of detection and classification of sub-surface vessels

The team:

  • ESpy Ocean is a South Australian company that brings together a diverse team of oceanographers, ecologists, fisheries compliance, software and research experts.
  • Heading the team is a physicist and oceanographer with years of data analysis research both in and outside defence which includes satellite data use for the detection of ships and submarines.

Expertise and Capabilities

ESpy are experts in satellite image processing and data analysis.

We provide intelligence and research in a large range of areas including:

  • Vessel detection
  • Marine animal detection and prediction
  • Subsurface vessel detection

Unique Selling Points

We look at what isn’t there to quickly and accurately tell you what is there. Our patented system for analysing hyperspectral and multispectral satellite images provides a very detailed analysis of an area with incredible speed.

  • It starts with you telling us what area(s) you want surveyed and we provide an online report.
  • Individual, fully detailed reports can cover up to 120km x 120km.
  • The ESpy Ocean detection system is also able to detect and classify subsurface craft.

We are not just an image processing firm and we do not use restrictive visual processing methods.