Organisation Overview

Equatorial Launch Australia’s (ELA) mission is to be the pre-eminent multi-user commercial Space Launch company, providing world-class Launch services supporting testing, launch and recovery of space vehicles and payloads flown to and from all space orbits.

ELA is dedicated to providing the most reliable launch facilitation services available on the market. Prioritizing customer satisfaction by offering clients world-class launch services to support testing, launching and recovering of payloads, specific to the space orbit they require. Through working together with top-line spacecraft engineers and aerospace experts, ELA is committed to setting itself apart from other providers by delivering exceptional quality and value for their clients.

Expertise and Capabilities

ELA offers comprehensive end-to-end assembly integration and test (AIT), Mission planning, Risk hazard analysis, Launch and recovery support.

We also provide Range, Launch, Mission control services and facilities.

We support you in doing Launch feasibility studies, Logistics and administrative planning, Detailed engineering requirements analysis and Execution.

Unique Selling Points

Our Arnhem Space Centre (ASC) with is the only commercially owned and run multi-user equatorial launch site in the world and is located 12 degrees south of the Equator on the Gulf of Carpentaria offering unique benefits for space launches. Our spaceport offers single, multi-launch and resident launch facilities where customers can book long term launch complexes at the spaceport for testing, evaluation and launch related services.


  • Antenna/Ground Station Component or Material Supplier
  • Consultancy Services
  • Ground Station/Teleport Owner/Operator
  • Launch Services
  • Launch Support Services
  • Legal Services
  • Space Qualified Testing and Facilities
  • Space-related Research and Development
  • Technical Support Services
  • Telemetry & Command Operations
  • Test Systems

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