Organisation Overview

Blue Dwarf Space is an Adelaide-based tech company that specialises in the streamlining and management of space activity permits.

Recognising the complexity of the regulatory landscape, we have created an advanced software platform designed to assist users through the intricate permit application process. With our system, you can refine your mission parameters, and receive a precise list of requirements and prerequisites needed for a comprehensive space activity permit application, including cross-jurisdictional requirements. Our system also includes a real-time dashboard to track all applications, and advanced reporting tools to ensure you meet all pre and post launch obligations.

We've assembled a passionate team, with a blend of deep sector expertise and tech know-how, committed to support and simplify your journey through regulatory intricacies.

At Blue Dwarf Space, we're here to help you navigate the stars, one permit at a time.

Expertise and Capabilities

Regulatory Technology Software: We provide a platform that simplifies the process of gaining space activity permits. Our tools narrow down the exact requirements for your specific mission, providing a check-listed repository and assisted processing.

Compliance Management: Our platform ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements. Whether you plan to operate entirely locally, or build in one country and launch in another, we will handle all regulatory obligations and international interactions.

Automated Scheduling and Processing: Our system automates (where applicable) and schedules requirements to ensure documents are created or gained in the appropriate order.

Real-Time Dashboard: An interactive dashboard that provides real-time status updates on all applications, keeping you informed and ensuring you meet all deadlines for permits and prerequisites.

Unique Selling Points

Blue Dwarf Space stands out in the regulatory technology landscape with its comprehensive platform, uniquely designed to manage complex regulatory processes across multiple jurisdictions. We offer precisely tailor requirements for any project, from payload to launch and beyond. Our real-time dashboard offers instant insight into permit status, ensuring you’re always informed and prepared. Our software not only identifies but also automates (where available) the application for necessary permits and prerequisites, reducing redundancies and saving valuable time.


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