Organisation Overview

BAE Systems Australia is Australia’s largest and most versatile defence and security company working with government and industry to enhance the country’s defence capability through the delivery of innovative solutions.

BAE Systems delivers the world’s most advanced technology-led defence, aerospace and information security solutions.

Expertise and Capabilities

BAE Systems Australia has an Australian leading capability to deliver complex integrated technology solutions – based at its headquarters in South Australia. Applied to the space sector, its advanced manufacturing and systems engineering capability allows the development and delivery of broad solutions from full system applications down to discrete component development and production.

BAE Systems has local teams specialising in the development and servicing of advanced radio frequency, electronics and optical products and systems. Through its work with the Department of Defence it also has significant experience in the support of satellite ground stations, and as a global company has delivered key components for over 250 satellites.

BAE Systems’ advanced manufacturing capabilities in South Australia allows it to produce mechanical and electronic components on site, using some of Australia’s most advanced machining, printed circuit board assembly and environmental testing capabilities. Its Edinburgh Parks site is also the hub of its Australian additive manufacturing capability.

Unique Selling Points

As the Australian capability leader in defence and aerospace products and systems, BAE Systems offers an end-to-end product lifecycle solution from system concept and development through operational data management and analysis. Its sustainment capabilities support a broad range of system integration, software and hardware upgrades and modernisations.

BAE Systems is a global leader in defence and aerospace, and has reach-back to the global organisation with over 40,000 people working in electronic systems development and support.

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