Organisation Overview

Auspace is a systems integrator with a machine to machine (M2M) communications specialisation, focused on delivering turnkey, bespoke solutions by enabling systems for the integrated management of lone workers, vehicle management systems, industrial infrastructure and assets.

Auspace joined the Nova Group of companies in 2007 and in 2012 was re-purposed to focus on an in-service M2M specialisation.

Expertise and Capabilities


Many enterprises deploy a range of portable and mobile assets in addition to their vehicles and lone workers, some of which require tracking and monitoring in order that their business performance is optimised. An integrated Internet of Things (IoT) approach to managing portable and mobile assets with the vehicles and workers who deploy them can provide very low cost improvements in asset control and coordination. Data is managed by the Auspace Global Alerting Platform portal for real time exception management and visualisation, providing a harmonised environment for the management of people, vehicles and assets. Alerts, alarms, track and trace and reporting can be consistently generated, visualised and integrated into the enterprise where required.

Capabilities include:

  • asset and attribute monitoring
  • asset control
  • data collection
  • decision support
  • enterprise integration


Lone workers require personnel solutions matched to the various operating risks across their enterprise. This requires a range of physical hardware, various communication systems, and a platform to provide a common virtual map visualisation and decision support capability. Auspace deploys a family of personnel solutions from smart phone apps through to bespoke vehicle installations, across satellite, radio and cellular spectrum; matching specific client needs with the most cost effective and compliant solution. Its visualisation and decision support systems integrate the various sources of field data and deliver a seamless employee safety, productivity and situational awareness platform, that may be used stand alone or integrated into the client’s enterprise. Capabilities include:

  • duress notification
  • man down alarm
  • welfare and status reporting
  • location tracking
  • emergency management.

Unique Selling Points

  • Australian owned
  • Provision of cost effective bespoke hardware and decision support systems for asset and personnel safety management


  • Ground Segment Subsystem & Equipment Supplier
  • Technical Support Services
  • User Equipment Manufacturer

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