Organisation Overview

Airbus Group Australia Pacific is part of Airbus Group, a global pioneer in aerospace and defence related services whose companies include Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space.

Wholly owned by Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Group Australia Pacific represents Airbus Group in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

In the space sector, Airbus DS Geo Australia Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus DS Geo S.A. The Geo business line provides earth observation satellite imagery and associated products and services through direct sales and a network of resellers. The satellite imagery provided through Geo is obtained from a constellation of four optical and two radar earth observation satellites that are either owned by or operated on behalf of Airbus DS Geo.

Airbus Defence and Space provides decision makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, optimise mission planning and operations, boost performance, improve management of natural resources and, last but not least, protect our environment.


Expertise and Capabilities

  • Provision of earth observation satellite imagery and associated services and solutions from the Airbus operated constellation of four optical and two radar satellites.
  • Provision of x-band secure satellite communication services.

Unique Selling Points

From a single provider, Airbus Defence and Space cover the broadest range of optical and radar satellite imagery products. They have an extensive global network of resellers who can adapt their satellite imagery for the local context. They excel in regular large area (whole state/whole country) satellite imagery coverages and regular monitoring services.

Airbus Defence and Space owns and operates Skynet 5, the UK’s military satellite communications system. With spot beam up to global coverage capabilities, Skynet 5 offers a commercial route to protected, secure and resilient communications to Government users worldwide.