Organisation Overview

AICRAFT is a South Australian company offering tailored artificial intelligence (AI) models and embedded systems for multi-sensor and multi-modality computing at the edge.

With experience across several domains (National Security, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Weapons), AICRAFT creates tailored products to solve specific tasks for clients in defence, aerospace and commercial industries.

AICRAFT was founded with objectives to smartly discard uninformative data at the hardware level at collection time; reduce data deluge from single and multi-sensor systems operating continuously; improve execution time and system SWaP through holistic system optimisation; and provide networking solutions that deliver intelligence on demand.

Expertise and Capabilities

AICRAFT designs tailored artificial intelligence models combined with purpose-built electronics to craft automated solutions. The company focuses on multi-sensor and multi-modality fusion (electro-optic and radio frequency) to manufacture embedded systems and products that enhance computing at the edge. From the selection of the electronic components and subsystems to the algorithms and network communication, no aspect is left uncovered to deliver high performance

Unique Selling Points

AICRAFT delivers high performance through holistic system and network optimisation which incorporates embedded systems and sensors with artificial intelligence (AI) models processing at the edge.