Southern Launch has confirmed that South Australia’s first permanent spaceport, the Koonibba Test Range, is almost ready to go, ahead of the site’s inaugural launch.

The announcement comes a few weeks ahead of the anticipated suborbital test launch of German manufacturer Hylmpulse’s SR75 rocket, earmarked for end of April or early May, subject to final regulatory approval.

The launch will test HyImpulse’s hybrid propulsion technology, combining paraffin wax and liquid oxygen – a non-explosive fuel – that is set to revolutionise rocket handling and logistics.

The event marks a significant milestone for Koonibba Test Range founders Southern Launch and the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation, who have been working together to develop the spaceport facilities since 2017.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp said he was “incredibly proud” of the partnership and the wide-ranging benefits it would create.

“The permanent, world-class facilities at the Koonibba Test Range will put Australia on the map as a space-faring nation,” he said. “We have a long list of global customers ready to use the range and we’re excited about the incredible opportunities this presents for Koonibba and South Australia.”

Beyond the investment into South Australia’s growing space sector, Chair of the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation Geraldine Ware added that the permanent facilities will empower and enrich the local community as well as the wider Eyre Peninsula.

The Koonibba Test Range development marks a pivotal moment for South Australia’s space industry, facilitating the launch of remarkable missions, welcoming space returns and serving as a crucial testing ground for local and global space pioneers to advance their technologies.

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