South Australian space industry companies, ResearchSat and Cambrian Executive have partnered to open new pathways to space for organisations and researchers.

Together, the companies are simplifying access for clients to use microgravity for research in health, medical science and the development of new materials.

ResearchSat Chief Executive Officer, RaviTeja Duggineni, explained microgravity research refers to the study of biological and physical processes in a weightless environment.

“This unique environment offers numerous advantages for researchers to explore new frontiers, including accelerated drug development and key insights into cell biology,” said Mr Duggineni.

“Microgravity challenges the fluid dynamics affecting the living cell dynamics. Exploring these changes provides new insights that may advance life-science technologies and therapeutics.”

Mr Duggineni said the company is excited that this new collaboration would help build on previous missions.

“We’re excited to be working with Cambrian Executive to accelerate and expand access to microgravity research,” he said.

Cambrian Executive’s Director Research and Development, Tiffany Sharp, said the access to space for research has becoming rapidly normalised and the company is looking forward to working with ResearchSat to develop new business.

“Many people regard space as futuristic, but we’re demonstrating the capabilities available now, making medical and new product breakthroughs a reality today,” said Ms Sharp.

“It’s now a simple question of logistics, no different to those familiar research considerations, such as transport and access to medical storage or laboratory facilities.”

The first experimental mission under the new partnership is set to be a sub-orbital space flight of microbial payloads and is due to launch in February 2024.