South Australian companies AICRAFT and SABRN Tech have joined forces with Perth-based Space Angels, signing a Memorandum of Understanding that will see the companies work together to advance high performance computing solutions for space and Earth.

The partnership will leverage AICRAFT’s world-class computing solutions for space and industrial applications, Space Angel’s competencies in large-scale Internet of Things devices and network management and SABRN’s expertise in system-of-systems approach to Defence and civilian healthcare.

AICRAFT’s technologies will support Space Angel’s Australian Space Super Corridor – the world’s first green space port. It will also be utilised by SABRN’s E-LifePods, which are transportable containerised ‘hospitals’ designed to deliver critical care and clinical support in Defence, civilian and extra-terrestrial environments.

“We are extremely excited about this three-way partnership that will utilise not only our edge devices but also low-power high-performance computing servers,” said Dr Tony Scoleri, CEO of AICRAFT, an alumni of the Innovation & Collaboration Centre’s highly successful Venture Catalyst Space program. “The projects we will be working on together are looking to reach the stars and have counterpart solutions back on Earth for remote healthcare and autonomous operations.”

The Australian Space Super Corridor will manage a green space port by tracking operations and sustainability metrics of millions of IoT devices, buildings, transports, a renewable energy grid and other resources.  This will be enabled by Artificial Intelligence and robotics with remote operations.

CEO of SABRN Dr Abhilash Chandra was excited to announce the collaboration.

“We are thrilled to bring in AICRAFT’s edge products and Space Angel’s digital know-how to implement our portable healthcare solutions which will ensure the wellbeing of staff working remotely at the Australian Space Super Corridor,” he said.