South Australian advanced manufacturer REDARC has expanded into the space industry, teaming up with local company Fleet Space Technologies to manufacture their world-leading mining exploration technology.

The partnership will see REDARC manufacture Fleet’s ExoSphere high-tech satellite-connected mining exploration products at its Londsdale facility.

ExoSphere is a solution for the mineral exploration industry that provides 3D mapping to pinpoint minerals and increase accuracy in drilling targets in near real time.

REDARC’s Managing Director, Anthony Kittel, said the company is excited for the partnership, which highlights the advanced level of collaborative capabilities in Australia.

“Our teams have worked closely on the manufacturing requirements for this high-tech equipment and its unique design elements,” said Mr Kittel.

“We have now begun manufacturing a large order of units and expect to be doing so for some time given the high demand from mining companies across the world.”

Fleet Space Technologies’ Co-Founder and CEO Flavia Tata Nardini, said she is thrilled to see this partnership come to fruition.

“This collaboration represents the intersection of advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge space technology, which has the potential to revolutionise the mining industry on a global scale,” said Ms Tata Nardini.

“I look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have in advancing exploration and surveying for valuable deposits, and I hope to see more collaborations like this between Australian companies in the future.”

Leading REDARC’s dedicated Defence and Space division is Executive General Manager Scott Begbie, who explained the company’s expertise and experience is transferrable across industries.

“As well as our recreational and non-recreational markets such as automotive and mining, we are expanding in defence and now space,” said Mr Begbie.

“In the space industry we are providing testing and validation services to several companies and are well equipped to partner with established or start-up firms.”

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