In a major milestone for two South Australian companies, advanced manufacturer REDARC Defence & Space has delivered the 2,000th ExoSphere Geode unit to space exploration company Fleet Space Technologies.

Fleet’s world-class ExoSphere technology is a solution for the mineral exploration industry that provides 3D mapping to pinpoint minerals and increase the accuracy of drilling targets in near real time, affordably and with minimal environmental impact.

The wireless, satellite-enabled geodes have been manufactured at REDARC’s Lonsdale facility utilising their build-to-print capabilities.

Executive General Manager of REDARC Defence & Space Scott Begbie spoke highly of the partnership with Fleet.

“This is a standout example of two innovative South Australian companies harnessing complementary skillsets to deliver world class technology to the customer,” said Mr Begbie.

Project Manager, Hugh Bila, explained the partnership exemplifies a “fusion of innovation and state-of-the-art manufacturing.”

“Witnessing two South Australian enterprises collaborate through advanced innovation and manufacturing expertise is truly inspiring,” said Mr Bila.

“The collaborative efforts of both the Fleet and REDARC teams have been amazing, ensuring timely delivery and keeping the highest standards of quality.”

At the inception of the partnership in June 2023, Fleet’s Co-Founder and CEO, Flavia Tata Nardini said she was thrilled to be partnering with the local manufacturer.

“This collaboration represents the intersection of advanced manufacturing and cutting-edge space technology, which has the potential to revolutionise the mining industry on a global scale,” said Ms Tata Nardini.

“I look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have in advancing exploration and surveying for valuable deposits, and I hope to see more collaborations like this between Australian companies in the future.”