In yet another endorsement of the state’s innovative and supportive approach to space, Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) has announced it will establish its headquarters in Adelaide.

The move puts ELA closer to the Australian Space Agency, the regulatory authority that grants launch permits for every launch from Australia.

The company, which is receiving support through the South Australian Landing Pad program, will employ approximately 10 to 15 people, expanding to more than 40 over the next three years.

After delivering Australia’s first commercial space launch for NASA in July, ELA is growing and commencing development of the next stage of the Arnhem Space Centre.

To support this growth and the associated engineering and technical support functions, ELA is recruiting for a variety of roles, with the majority to be based in Adelaide. These include General Manager, Engineering and Arnhem Space Centre, Business Development Manager, Digital and Social Specialist, as well as multiple roles in engineering and business support functions.

Executive Chairman and Group CEO of Equatorial Launch Australia, Michael Jones, said the company is excited about the future of South Australia’s space industry.

“Adelaide and South Australia will be an essential base for our world-class space engineering in support of our planned high tempo space launch operations from our Arnhem Space Centre in the Northern Territory,” said Mr Jones.

“We look forward to taking a leading role in the development of the Australian space capability as we work towards achieving our mission to deliver world-class launch services supporting testing, launch and recovery of vehicles and payloads flown to and from all space orbits.

“We intend to build strong working relationships with the local universities, and other space companies clustered in South Australia with a clear plan to foster emerging talent.”

ELA’s experience and technical services span across astrospace, commercial enterprise, regulation, asset development and complex project management along with space strategy and systems engineering.

South Australia will become ELA’s corporate headquarters and a hub for launch preparation and safety assessment activities which will support the attraction of space-related engineering, project management and safety analysis talent to the state.

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