Now on the home stretch, GRAVITY Challenge 04 is heading for a big finish.

This round, which launched in February of this year, has seen innovators from around the globe work on real-world problems from Challenge Providers in Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada. Innovator teams have been using space technology and capability to solve unique challenges ranging from on-the-spot natural disaster payments to helping banking customers transition to a net zero economy.

The Australian challenge presented in this round is from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT). They’ve asked innovators to help them assess the 23,000 km of road across South Australia. These roads connect communities and allow for the movement of goods and services that are vital to the economy. To ensure they are safe and maintained at a level consistent with their function, regular inspections of the roads must take place. Outside metropolitan Adelaide, this is done by visual inspection.

DIT is asking innovators to use space technology to help them do this more efficiently. Two teams have been working with DIT on this challenge; they are Adelaide/UK-based team, Digital Content Analysis Technology (D-CAT), and UK based team, Spottitt. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions the teams come forward with.

WATCH: Hear more about the DIT Challenge: Assessing road state in the space state

With just a few weeks remaining of GRAVITY 04, teams are in the process of pitching to their Challenge Providers and submitting their final technology business case.

Challenge Champions – teams who will be invited to continue with their solutions and move into scaling conversations – will be announced from 8 June.

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