All eyes are on South Australia as Southern Launch gears up to welcome leading German rocket manufacturer Hylmpulse and their SR75 rocket.

Announced last month, the revolutionary SR75 single-stage rocket will commence its maiden launch from the Koonibba Test Range  late April/ early May 2024, marking Hylmpulse’s entry into the sounding rocket market and the first official launch from Southern Launch’s permanent launch facilities.

Located on the West Coast of the Eyre Peninsula, Koonibba Test Range houses Australia’s largest civilian rocket testing facility, attracting attention from global industry leaders like Hylmpulse.  It is also the only commercial range that enables Hylmpulse to recover and analyse the rocket’s performance from onboard systems.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp shared that the company is excited to play a key role in the launch.

“We have been working in partnership with the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation to develop the Koonibba Test Range and this launch will be the first from our permanent facilities,” he said.

The rocket features Hylmpulse’s unique propulsion technology, combining paraffin wax and liquid oxygen to create a hybrid rocket.

The non-explosive fuel used to power the rocket is an industry gamechanger, explained Hylmpulse CEO Mario Kobald.

“A key reason behind the development of this propulsion technology is so we can offer a rapid, efficient and responsive rocket that can be launched anywhere around the world.”

The launch campaign is scheduled to commence mid-April, with both companies targeting a launch at the end of April through to early May subject to regulatory approval.

Koonibba Test Range is jointly operated by the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation and Southern Launch.