In a world first in small satellite production, Fleet Space Technologies has unveiled an entirely 3D printed satellite as part of their new constellation, Alpha.

Sitting alongside their existing Centauri constellation of six nanosatellites, Alpha will provide sub-second latency, unlocking a cost-effective means to achieving unprecedented connectivity around the world.

CEO and Founder, Flavia Tata Nardini said this announcement is a step forward for not only the South Australian company, but Australia’s space industry.

“This new chapter in our story is led by the development of a new constellation of satellites named Alpha, which will work in harmony with our existing Centauri constellation,” said Tata Nardini.

“Alpha represents a major step forward and the first time a satellite has been created entirely through 3D-printing. By bringing together the creation, deployment and service of space technology this is a clear statement of our intent to become a global leader in space technology, and to support Australia’s ambition to lead this critical field.”

Powered by the recent Series B funding, the first Alpha satellites are set to be ready for launch within 12 months.

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