The South Australian Government provides South Australians the opportunity to participate in the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program through fully funded scholarships. The five scholarships, valued at $9,000 each, cover all tuition, accommodation and meal costs associated with participation in the program.

The program

The Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) is an intensive, five-week program run by the International Space University (ISU) and the University of South Australia (Uni SA). The program incorporates expert-led lectures, workshops and team projects aimed at bringing together innovative research and expertise in the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary aspects of space.

The program provides a well-rounded overview of the key principles and concepts of space science, applications and services, systems engineering and technology, policy, business and project management and legal and regulatory issues.

The program is open to professionals and managers in industry, government and defence, graduate researchers and undergraduate students who have completed at least two years full-time study.

The 11th Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program will be conducted online from 17 January to 18 February 2022.

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The scholarship benefits

Successful applicants receive payment of a full scholarship to the value of AUD$9,000 to attend the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program. The scholarship includes all tuition, accommodation and meals. The scholarship does not include the cost of travel to the program and is non-transferable to a later program.

Applications are evaluated by a Selection Committee and awarded to applicants whose applications best address the selection criteria.

Who is eligible to apply?

This scholarship program is open to university graduates and undergraduates who have successfully completed at least two years of their studies at the time of the program. Applicants must also be South Australian residents, must have completed the enrolment requirements for the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program and be lacking financial support to attend the program from their employer or other sponsor.

Award of the scholarships will be based on motivation, impact, financial need, merit and impact.

Applications are closed.