South Australia is set to become the nation’s largest manufacturer of satellites after the Federal Government announced a $20m grant for the Australian Space Park, which was announced in December 2021.

The Australian Space Park will be the nation’s first dedicated space manufacturing hub, driving collaboration between Australia’s local space manufacturers and providing a vital manufacturing link to the local space industry value chain.

The Federal funding – secured via the $1.3bn Modern Manufacturing Initiative will allow for the expansion of a common user facility at the hub for the development, integration and test of space hardware, thereby reducing industry barriers. This announcement follows a previously announced co-investment that includes private companies Fleet Space Technologies, Q-CTRL, ATSpace and Alauda Aeronautics, who have already secured their place in the purpose-built facility.

The hub will make South Australia the largest manufacturer of satellites in the nation creating a centre of gravity for space manufacturing and expertise that will accelerate industry capability and capacity.

The Australian Space Park will support the nation’s space manufacturing capability and capacity with a focus on collaboration and production of small satellites and their payloads, rockets, electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOL), and supporting componentry and technical systems.

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