The key objective of the South Australian Space Council (the Council) is to support the growth and development of the space industry in South Australia, and to encourage and enhance innovation within the sector.

Taking advantage of the unique concentration and diversity of space related expertise based in South Australia, the Council has representation from space research organisations, universities, private enterprise, defence, government, and space specialists. It provides a valuable platform to consider the contribution of the space industry to the broader social ecosystem and maximise cross-sector benefits.

Bringing together a diversity of experience and industry contexts, the Council is well-placed to assess the strategic environment and provide input for government decision making to support the space sector through innovation, investment, education and training, manufacturing, and employment. It also connects the South Australian space sector to key national and international networks.

Members of the Space Council

Mr Richard Price, Chief Executive – SASIC (Chair)

Prof Caroline McMillen, South Australian Chief Scientist – Department of Industry and Skills

Prof Andy Koronios, Chief Executive Officer – SmartSat CRC

Prof Melissa de Zwart – Dean of Law, Adelaide University

Mr Nicola Sasanelli AM, Senior Advisor – SASIC / Director, SmartSat CRC / Chief Executive, Andy Thomas Space Foundation

Dr Matthew Tetlow, Chief Executive Officer – Inovor Technologies

Mr Michael Davis, Space Industry Advocate / Director of SmartSat CRC

Mr Peter Nikoloff, Director – Nova Systems / Director, SmartSat CRC

Dr Nick Stacy, Research Leader – National Security and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division – Department of Defence, Defence Science & Technology Group

Mr Brenton Whitington, Space Strategy, BAE Systems

Ms Katie Hulmes, General Manager Transformation and Readiness, Oz Minerals

Group Captain Nick Grey, Officer Commanding, Wide Area and Space Surveillance Systems Program Office