Organisation Overview

Saber Astronautics is a next-generation space operation company providing flight services and mission control software.

With 200 dishes in our network, we can fly spacecraft of any size from LEO to Lunar, combining responsive command and control with the best-in-class space traffic management. With centres in Australia and the USA, we offer "follow-the-sun" capabilities and comprehensive services covering everything from mission planning to integration to full-stack operations.

Our operation centres and laboratories are:
• The Responsive Space Operations Centre (RSOC) in Adelaide
• The Responsive Space Operations Centre (RSOC) and laboratory in Boulder Colorado
• Space research and development laboratory in Sydney
• The Wolfpack Space Hub (spaceflight incubator) in Sydney
• Saber's US DoD integration team in Colorado Springs

Expertise and Capabilities

1. Spacecraft C2 Software, Predictive Interactive Groundstation Interface (TM) (PIGI)
– Orbits, overpasses, prediction, spacecraft and space objects monitoring
– Spacecraft health diagnostics, AI diagnostics and real-time drivers
– Signal interference prediction using ML
– Space weather live tracking and ML prediction models, 1-3 hour prediction of the effects
– Space traffic, conjunctions and de-orbits predictions, pattern of life
– Commanding/tasking

2. Live mission operations services, via the Responsive Space Operations Centre: full-stack, follow-the-sun operations

3. Space traffic management also via the RSOC

4. Live space weather monitoring for civil and military purposes

5. Machine learning services and support

Unique Selling Points

‘- On-orbit operations using our world-class visualisation, PIGI: commanding for spacecraft, health diagnostics, signal interference tracking, space weather live tracking and prediction models, space traffic, pattern of life, threat detection, conjunction analysis etc.

– Our space domain awareness tool Space Cockpit (TM): deployed to the USSF’s Secret and Top Secret networks to USSF’s Deltas for space domain awareness, missile warning, the GPS Constellation, and Space Warfare, as well the JCO, the 1st Space Operations Squadron (1SOPS), 45th Space Wing, the National Space Defense Center (NSDC), and other users around the globe, over 2700 operators in total.

– Our spacecraft concurrent design tool, Mission Forge: application for designing, assessing and analysing the value and the performance of space missions.


‘- Our space domain awareness Space Cockpit tool has obtained a certificate to field from the US Space Force and it is directly deployed to warfighters in classified networks.

– Our Australian Responsive Space Operations Centre was funded by the Australian Space Agency; awarded part of The National Space Infrastructure.

– Saber supports the Joint Task Force-Space Defense Commercial Operations cell (JCO) to provide support for SDA during their night shift.

– Saber supports training and products for new military operations teams including the New Zealand Defence Force, Australian Defence Space Command, and others for the SACT space war exercise, after 4 years of facilitating it on behalf of Space Commands in the Pacific Region.

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