Organisation Overview

Lumination is proudly Australian owned and operated.

We are pioneers in the use of advanced immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), that enhances sovereign capabilities.

We create immersive solutions that reduce risk and solve complex training, integrations, logistics, humanitarian, manufacturing and mission critical challenges.

Expertise and Capabilities

– Pioneers in object recognition via Overlay, an AI-driven object recognition platform, blending the real and digital world; improving productivity, quality, capability and safety in operations equipment, supplies, manufacturing or engineering. Users train Overlay to recognise objects and then attach information, cues or calls to action specific to that object. The mobile application transforms safety and maintenance, quality control learning and training.

– Leaders in immersive training and learning via Lumination Learning Labs; state-of-the-art, multi-purpose immersive training facilities, to enhance training, learning, processes and procedures. The technology and space convert high-risk, high-cost environments into low-risk, low-cost virtual spaces.

– Leaders in purpose built immersive 3D (Virtual Reality) training environments, integrated with artificial intelligence for training, safety, design and simulation of certain and unpredictable environments.

Unique Selling Points

– Australian owned and operated.
– Uniquely skilled team of engineers, designers, developers, educators and trainers working with global clients.
– Risk-free simulation of high-risk, high-cost environments.
– Photo-realistic digital re-creations of real environments.
– End-to-end capability delivery with a combination of hardware (VR headsets, AI, robotics, AR and drone kits) with software and facilitators to teach trainers.
– Software management systems built in-house and onshore, aligned to unique production and management requirements.
– SaaS (Software as a Service) enabled.
– Future-proofed technology is integrated and enabled via the metaverse (virtual world).
– Strategic partnerships are collaborative with a no-risk, flexible and agile team.
– Safety and cybersecurity enabled on a project by project basis ensuring alignment with the highest security clearances.

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