Organisation Overview

Established in 2012, elmTEK is a leader in Simulation and Test and Evaluation(T&E) systems development.

We are a focussed team of scientists and engineers across physics, mathematics, cognitive science, systems, software and mechatronic engineering disciplines. Central to our value proposition is our ability to collaborate with our clients and supply chain partners to blend science, technology, innovation and reliable engineering principles to get the right information and technology into the field faster.

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Human Performance Measurement Systems
  • Human Health Countermeasures Technologies
  • Earth & Environment Observation Sensors
  • Data Visualisation & Data Analytics

Unique Selling Points

  • Systems for human performance measurement, cognitive load assessment, spatial disorientation and proprioception testing
  • Human-centric T&E systems to support HMI design and analysis
  • Technologies to combat spatial disorientation and active countermeasures to improve rehabilitation
  • Design of in-situ sensors for near-Earth and Earth Observations
  • Modelling & Simulation to support human and sensor performance optimisation
  • Sensor fusion, Data Distribution Service (DDS), HMI design and system integration
  • Laboratory and workshop Infrastructure for rapid development of software and electro-mechanical systems


  • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Quality Management System
  • Member of the Defence Industry Security Program