Registrations for the fourth round of space innovation program GRAVITY Challenge have opened, presenting real-world problems to those who can solve them.

The program invites innovators and technical teams from around the world to apply to work with Challenger Organisations that have posed a social, environmental or economic problem that could be solved through space technology and leveraging Amazon Web Services and Deloitte space capabilities.

Challenges posed in Round 04 include:

  • helping livestock producers prepare for emergency animal disease or natural disasters
  • assessing the state of roads from space
  • helping businesses transition to a net zero economy using space data
  • whale and dolphin conservation
  • mapping municipally approved land for development
  • high resolution imagery for greenhouse detection and classification in Canada.

SASIC is a founding member of the GRAVITY Challenge which was established in South Australia in 2019. We are thrilled to support this initiative that brings together the world’s brightest innovators and has the potential to boost the productivity and competitiveness of virtually every sector of the broader economy.

Gravity Challenge 04 presents an exciting opportunity to join an exclusive cohort of global talent in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Don’t miss out – apply today.

Applications close 8 February 2022.