Head of Engineering at South Australian start-up Neumann Space, Adrien Doucet had more than his age to celebrate on his most recent birthday, having just been granted his Australian permanent residency on the same day.

Mr Doucet made the move from his home in France in early 2020 after being presented with a career opportunity with South Australian space company Neumann Space to engineer their revolutionary plasma propulsion system for satellites.

Previously, working with global aeronautics company Airbus and prior to that with international technology company Thales in France.

Mr Doucet said he wanted to roll up his sleeves and engage in space systems engineering so he could work to advance space technology, building satellites that could help people stay connected or improve our understanding of climate change.

“The space industry gives professionals an opportunity to be part of a gigantic adventure to design and manufacture space vehicles that go into Earth’s orbit or beyond. Advancing space technology unequivocally motivates my every day,” Mr Doucet said.

“South Australia’s space industry benefits from its emerging position as a sector in a way that excites neighbouring industries while creating significant momentum within the local supply chain.”

Mr Doucet said it was South Australia’s prospects for career progression, in particular in the thriving space sector, and the work-life balance that made Adelaide such an attractive location for him to start the next stage of his career.

“To pursue new and interesting experiences, your passion must be at the heart of your actions,” he said.

“Adelaide offers exceptional vibrancy and drive towards innovation and commercialisation with cutting-edge research and development in satellite and space technologies, right in the heart of the central business district.”

“Additionally, the highly-connected nature of the city of Adelaide fuels cross-company collaboration opportunities, generating significant value across industries.”

Mr Doucet said he has high hopes for his future in the South Australia space sector, in particular for how the industry will deliver practical improvements to the lives of people across the country.

“The constellation of projects from South Australia’s space startups will improve the speed and quality of our national communications, but also help in the future so many different sectors and segments like agriculture and asset tracking either on land or sea.

“I foresee South Australia as driving innovation to address those challenges by joining forces with other innovative organisations based at Lot Fourteen.

“I also believe South Australia is pioneering the Australian space industry throughout the value chain and will position itself as a leading state for manufacturing, launch and operations of small-sat constellations to make a global impact on the Australian economy.”

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