South Australia continues to strengthen its position as the nation’s space state, with a record number of leading local and international space players meeting in Adelaide today to discuss the latest space industry trends, opportunities and technologies.

Over 600 space leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and students will attend the 7th South Australia Space Forum, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre with support from the Australian Space Agency.

The new SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre will be a key topic at the space forum, which is also set to feature 27 exhibitors, including the Australian Space Agency, CSIRO and international private companies Italy’s NPC Spacemind and France’s UnseenLabs.

South Australian Space Industry Centre Chief Executive Richard Price said the space forum brings together key players in the space industry, locally and internationally, and provides a fantastic platform for networking across an exciting and rapidly growing sector. 

“South Australia has a rapidly growing space ecosystem, and our state is at the centre of the nation’s space endeavours, being home to the headquarters of the Australian Space Agency and the SmartSat CRC.

“Further strengthening our leading role in this key industry, the Mission Control Facility and Space Discovery Centre will soon be based in Adelaide at Lot Fourteen. 

“This exciting investment, together with strong attendance numbers at today’s space forum, is a true indication of the enormous momentum that is building behind South Australia’s and the nation’s space sector.

“The forum, with its seven editions over the past three years, represents the core of our growing vibrant space ecosystem. It is the perfect opportunity for Australian space stakeholders to collaborate, connect and explore new opportunities in this exciting industry.”

The space forum will include a series of panel sessions on topics covering space regulation in Australia, national and international space trends, the economics of space technology, emerging opportunities and the SmartSat CRC.

Forum participants will have the chance to hear from the space start-ups and new ventures of the Venture Catalyst Space incubation program as part of a Demo Day, while students will learn about current and future careers within the space industry during Space Passport sessions.